The International Trade Centre (ITC), the joint agency of the World Trade Organization and the United Nations, and IITE Institute have joined forces to launch the Digital Skills for Jobs project in Mogadishu, funded by the Government of Japan. The project aims to establish freelancing as a viable job creation alternative in Somalia.

The project is being launched with a focus on harnessing market-based incentives to help foster livelihoods in the online freelancing sector for the Somali youth. Project activities will allow the youth to gain commercially valuable skills while also supporting value creation and employment in Somalia. The project seeks to demonstrate the feasibility and modalities for linking the youth to opportunities in regional and international markets.

After identifying and selecting graduates of these programs, the project will work with the students to train them in online freelancing and entrepreneurship and to connect them to online work platforms such as UpWork to find jobs. Areas of work will include graphic design, mobile app development, digital marketing and web development. The program will also include a comprehensive mentorship program on both soft and professional skills.

Applications are open here until October 22, 2021. Get skilled to stay relevant.

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IITE Institute

IITE Institute serves as a hub for nurturing innovation, technology, and entrepreneurship education in Somalia and the region. It provides project-based learning, workshops, and problem solving case-study competitions to boost local innovations and creativity.


  1. Ramla Adam mohamed

    Its good

  2. Ikran Osman Hassan

    I need this project

  3. Abas Abdullahi Hassan

    I’m ready for digitam skills some of my background contains digital skills, so i hope to be proffesional as much as possible

  4. Abdiwali Elmi Abdi

    That is great announcements Digital Skills is basically needs by youth for creation jobs and Skills,I really appreciate for all Stockholders, Special thanks by IITE Institute Team.

  5. Hassan Ibrahim ali

    Let me thank you for the great opportunity you are giving to the somali youth, and i would like to participate this opportunity so that my online services grew much better then they are now.

  6. Mohamud Adan Abdirahmaan

    Thank you iite for opportunity

  7. Abdimalik Badawi Mohamed

    I am very interested this program

  8. Abdulahi Abukar Mohamed

    I would like to participate as iam new graduated Student from Dhaka International University in Dhaka Bangladesh

  9. Abdiaziz farah

    I m very interest these programe
    I would like to participate this opportunity for the youth in somalia

    I m graphic designer and also Digital marketer

    From mogadishu somalia

  10. Mascuud abdirahmaan

    Very good

  11. Mohamed Ali Osman

    I am very happy to see this program and I thank everyone who took part in making this program possible and I would like to be a part of the beneficiaries of this program and I am very interested in it.

  12. Ahmed mohamoud Dirie

    Ineed this

  13. Abdullahi elmi osman


  14. Maxamed Ibraahim Maxamed

    I am very interest for this project.

  15. Iqra yuusuf

    I need a program
    to improve my knowledge

  16. Mosab Bashir

    Valuable courses

  17. Zeinab Abdirizak Ali

    I would like to participate as iam new graduated student from university Mogadishu I ‘m very interest this program 🤗thanks for your giving this opportunity

  18. Feysal Abdullah shariif

    I’m interested in this opportunity

  19. Mulki cabdikariin shariif

    I’m very interested in this opportunity

  20. Ismail Moktar Mohamed

    Thank you, this program will open employment opportunities for Somali youth

  21. Ahmed Ali omar

    Thank you, this program am very interesting

  22. Amal Abdirazak

    Selam, can someone study abroad apply for this opportunity?

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