Now that SIMAD University has officially unveiled a new unique training program, we explain here how the Somali society can use the program to their advantage. Here’re the FIVE PHASES:


Phase 01: Course Registration

Registration will always be open. Applicants will be grouped on a monthly basis for evaluation and selection. Once you read and meet the eligibility criteria here, you can proceed to register for the available courses.

Phase 02: Evaluation & Selection

Applications received within a certain month will be evaluated in the following month to start learning after that.


Phase 03: Acceptance or Rejection

Each applicant will receive a notification of his or her application status. The notification carries an acceptance or rejection notice. Accepted applicants will proceed to the program.

Phase 04: Start Learning

Approved applicants will start learning based on the selected course’s start date. Learning is supported by mentorship and coaching at IITE Institute every weekend.

Phase 05: Prizes & Certificates

Upon successful completion, each learner will receive a certificate of achievement. In addition, the Best Performers during each course will be featured in the IITE Hall of Fame for a chance to be noticed by potential employers or as a gesture of their great efforts.

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IITE Institute

IITE Institute serves as a hub for nurturing innovation, technology, and entrepreneurship education in Somalia and the region. It provides project-based learning, workshops, and problem solving case-study competitions to boost local innovations and creativity.


  1. Sadam Isak Hassan Ali

    My pleasure and warm thanks goes to anyone who directly or indirectly involved in the establishment of this educational platform where fruitful ideas are exchanged. Personally, I believe this will be great opportunity for me and for everyone who has time constraints. Somali students do not understand mych morw about the significance of Online courses therefore, this kind of partnership will be advantageous and hope this institute will enhance the awareness and perception of students on Online courses. Dears, Thank you 100%

    “Study in Somalia and earn your degree, diploma and certificate from one of the prestigious universities across the globe”!!!!!

  2. Abdirizak

    My name is Abdirizak Ahmed Ali

    This is a great opportunity for all of us (somalis), it will be an easy way that we can enhance our people’s skills and knowledge which will contribute to the sustainable development of our people.

    Thanks SIMAD and her partners on this great project.

    SIMAD is one of the best universities in somalia that produces highly educated professionals.

  3. Hassan Isak mohamed

    I need this program

  4. Ismail Dhore Mohamed

    I’m Ismail Dhore, this is an amazing
    program and also very great wonderful opportunity for the academia and for all in general. And the program really inspired me to take the leap and participate on it.
    I guess SIMAD has been the only leading higher education institution when it comes to igniting talent pools in innovation, ICT, research and development. So we need more of like SIMAD university to form in the country, so every day a new talents emerge by the benefits of like these programs.
    Thank You SIMAD University and as well as to its great heroic mission leaders. You’re really playing a very responsible roles for the country’s development throught education and innovation.

    Ismail Dhore Mohamed
    An MBA and a Former Banker.

  5. Omar abdihamiid omar

    Very interesting this program

  6. Malyuun hassan

    It’s golden opportunity for me at all. I will enhance my platform through IITE SIMAD. Thank u

  7. Moulid Abdirahman Ali

    hello, my name is Moulid Abdirahman Ali I am from Somali/nationality so I am a student master’s degree at ECSU, how can I get this opportunity training??

  8. Abdirahman Farah Abdulle

    It is gold apportunity, i have more certificate online courses offered by Edx and their parternership universities. Just I am ready to learn this opportunity training

  9. Ali Daud sheik

    Thanks Simad university for how to encourages and participates the educational level

  10. Ali Daud sheik

    I like this program
    How can i get it

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