We challenge every Somali to turn the #StayAtHome order to a #LearnAtHome endeavor. We give you a bonus to do this.

We know the whole world is in lockdown and the challenges posed by COVID-19 have shown us how interconnected we are as human beings. The majority of us are staying at home, where we’re working, learning, and teaching remotely.

We feel Somalis are stuck at home during the COVID-19 pandemic. This has created a sense of loneliness and stress. But we want to support you overcome this. And in an innovative way! Let’s turn the COVID-19 challenge into an opportunity.

To do this, IITE Institute invites you to join in a new challenge: build at least one skill during the lockdown. We have 5000 FREE ACCESS CODES to study online at Harvard University, MIT, Microsoft, or IBM through edX. Yes, that’s five thousand free codes to upshift your skills. This means we can turn the #StayAtHome order into a #LearnAtHome endeavor.

Stay At Home = Learn At Home

SIMAD University has been accepted into a newly-launched Open Remote Access Program (ORAP), a new great initiative introduced by edX global university partners including Harvard and MIT.

The ORAP initiative is designed to help the edX partner community such as SIMAD University address the challenges they are facing, by providing their students with free access to courses and programs from all edX partners participating in the initiative, helping students continue to learn online even as campuses close.

IITE Institute is now managing the ORAP program available at SIMAD University. There are 5000 FREE CODES available for the students at the university. Each code is worth up to $150.

Participating Institutions

The following edX global partner universities have accepted to be part of ORAP and make their course contents available for free:

  1. Harvard University,
  2. MIT,
  3. IBM,
  4. Microsoft,
  5. And others.

IITE Institute is targeting to support Somali youth who are interested in the following areas: innovation, ICT, entrepreneurship, data analysis, communication, and design thinking.

Available Verified Courses

You can check the following specific links to see the courses available under this IITE Institute’s Response to COVID-19:

  1. MIT courses (184 verified courses),
  2. Harvard University (142 verified courses),
  3. IBM (24 courses),
  4. Delft University (101 verified courses).

Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible for this opportunity, you need to:

  1. Be a student or alumni of SIMAD University (sorry if you’re not affiliated with SIMAD University),
  2. Sign a Commitment Letter to show your passion for the selected course,
  3. Weekly monitoring meeting with IITE Institute through Zoom,
  4. Submission of a verified certificate once you complete the course, and
  5. Have a National ID or Passport for certificate verification. A student or employment ID would also work.

The ORAP program is now open for application at IITE Institute until April 28, 2020. Apply here. As we said earlier, let’s turn the #StayAtHome order to a #LearnAtHome endeavor.


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IITE Institute

IITE Institute serves as a hub for nurturing innovation, technology, and entrepreneurship education in Somalia and the region. It provides project-based learning, workshops, and problem solving case-study competitions to boost local innovations and creativity.


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