TNE Business Incubation for Startups and MSMEs

IITE Institute is glad to announce the TNE Business Incubation, an intensive incubation program for existing startups and SMEs based in Mogadishu, Somalia. The winners receive 1-on-1 coaching and mentorship tailored to their business needs and requirements.

The TNE Business Incubation is part of The Next Economy (TNE) training project implemented by IITE Institute in Mogadishu; it is a program that empowers the youth in Nigeria, Somalia, and Mali for a successful business career.

Why Join the Incubation Program?

Why Do You Get By Joining TNE Business Incubation?

The TNE Business Incubation will only accept 10 existing startups or SMEs for intensive two-months training. The program will transform your business into a 21st-century business with all the modern business practices in place. In other words, successful applicants will receive the following:

  1. Adopting a “lean” business model,
  2. Revising the “core” business problem and the “solution” offered,
  3. Designing new market tests,
  4. Crafting a marketing strategy,
  5. Implementing a proper financial monitoring mechanism,
  6. Adopting the latest business administration practices, and
  7. Preparing your business for growth.

Application Process

The TNE Business Incubation is open for applications until Friday, April 09, 2021. To apply, please CLICK HERE.

Once you submit your application form, our technical team will review it based on the program requirements and will get back to you with feedback.

We’re looking forward to helping your business grow together with the TNE Business Incubation program.


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IITE Institute

IITE Institute serves as a hub for nurturing innovation, technology, and entrepreneurship education in Somalia and the region. It provides project-based learning, workshops, and problem solving case-study competitions to boost local innovations and creativity.


  1. Abdihafid Ali Sheikh Muse

    I interested at the incubation and training of the Business

    1. Abdihafid Ali Sheikh Muse

      I would like to be an entrepreneur

  2. Abdullahi Mohamed Ahmed

    I’m interested small farm to produce moy different crop

    1. IITE Institute

      Great, Abdullahi. Then, I apply for the program.

  3. ali shujac nor


  4. Faisal Ali Abdi Yarow

    I have a small Business in Mogadisho and i am ready to Take This Seminar Towards the Business

  5. Faisal Ali Abdi Yarow

    I have a small Business in Mogadisho and i am ready to Take This Seminar Towards the Business

    1. IITE Institute

      Then apply for it.

  6. Fatim warsame dualle

    Iwant progmes so helpe me

  7. Mohamed Yusuf Mohamed

    I would like to take part this program

    1. IITE Institute

      Then, submit your application.

  8. Bashir Ali Hersi

    I’m so interested to be part this program. it is not first time I applied instead, second time. i hope good lucky.

    1. IITE Institute

      We wish you the best, Bashir.

  9. Khalid Mohamed Barre

    Good work iite institute

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