For a business to stay in the market, sales and then profits should speak. For that to materialise, businesses should keep up with market trends, constantly showcase and promote their products, meet with industry partners, examine operations of rivals, and mostly importantly retain customers. A Product Fair is among the few showgrounds that can accommodate businesses’ many and increasing needs.

To that culmination, the Institute of Innovation, Tech & Entrepreneurship (IITE) has today hosted a Product Fair to showcase the products and services of the start-ups incubated and accelerated at the institute. 11 start-ups have pitched and presented their businesses and then exhibited their products and services for visitors to see and buy from them.

IITE Institute through The Next Economy (TNE) has incubated and accelerated more than 10 start-ups in 2020 alone. The institute has also in the same year, through TNE’s Entrepreneurship Track, trained 26 young entrepreneurs and equipped them with start-up ideas. Close to 10 start-ups from TNE’s Entrepreneurship Track are already up and running. In an effort to create viable markets and visibility for those portfolios and emerging businesses, a TNE Product Fair has been organized for those start-ups to exhibit and showcase their products and services, and to finally get a marketplace. With a large audience, fair attendees, visitors and buyers at the campus, the start-ups have found shoppers and turned them into customers. The fair has awarded the participating start-ups with a boost in sales and visibility.

A culture of a coordinated ecosystem and viable market opportunities for uprising small businesses like those is imperative. TNE Product Fair, to that end, has played a significant role in fostering a vibrant marketplace for small businesses to showcase their merchandises and to also consolidate their ideas.

The exhibiting start-ups at the fair have represented almost every sector. Shalaambood Coconut Oil is a skin care oil producing company. DOOGDOON turns trash into eco-friendly products. Somali Organic Mills produces organic foods from local grains. Astur Hijabs synchronises fashion with Islamic tradition. Abqari Engineering Academy teaches online engineering courses. ColorSign combines creative designs and quality printings. Tolmoon Collections meaning ‘the best’ in Somali is an e-commerce company specializing in women clothing and fashion. Somali National Skills and Training Centre commits to ease of education and health training in Somalia. Yusra Academy modernizes Islamic madrasa teaching. Habon Design serves as a hub for home collections and decorations. Deero Advertising Agency produces affordable digital and marketing solutions with special focus in graphic design and branding. Almost every sector!

The start-ups have first presented their businesses and pitched their ideas to a large audience at SIMAD University’s Main Campus Hall with the presence of the university top management, university students, other participants and attendees, and visitors and buyers from the outside. The start-ups have shared their stories, products and services.

After the presentations, the attendants toured at the booths, inquiring and buying from the start-ups. With the plan to just showcase their products and services at the fair, the start-ups have got more than that, and found buyers and secured customers. Most of them have sold out their products at the fair, forcing some of them to restock and demand from their headquarters during the event. With a great boost in sales, the start-ups have returned home with high morale and a belief that exhibitions like those are answers to many of their business needs.

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Mohamed Shidane

Mohamed Shidane is the Partnership Builder for The Next Economy at IITE Institute.

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