Here we give the details of the requirements of the new SIMAD-edX training program. Once you understand the acceptance conditions, you can proceed to apply to the program.

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General requirements

  1. Must be Somali
  2. Graduated from university in or after 2006 (or current student)
  3. Some courses are available only for individuals with an ICT-background
    1. This requirement can be exempted if a non-ICT applicant has a professional experience of more than 2 years.
  4. Some courses are available for individuals with a business-background
    1. This requirement can be exempted from an ICT applicant with a professional experience of more than 2 years.
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Specific requirements

  1. In the case of an entrepreneur applicant, he or she must be the founder of a startup that focuses on ICT or innovation-driven business.
  2. In the case of a professional or employee applicant, he or she must be working with an ICT company or innovation-driven business.
  3. In the case of a university staff applicant, he or she must be working in an ICT or business department.
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Letter of Commitment

  1. Every applicant must sign a “Letter of Commitment” pledging that he or she will complete the courses within the time stipulated by IITE Institute.
  2. Pledging to continually communicate with the IITE Institute management team and to provide weekly report on the progress of learner achievement.
  3. Weekend attendance of study groups at IITE Institute (at least four times a month) and a minimum attendance of 50%.
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  1. Get verified certificates from the best universities in the world,
  2. Learn from well-known professors,
  3. Graduate from a unique training program in Somalia,
  4. Become eligible for participating in startup competitions organized by IITE Institute,
  5. Being featured in the Hall of Fame page and be found by potential hiring companies.

If you have any question related to the above requirements or related to SIMAD-edX program, please leave us a comment below.


  1. Sadam Isak Hassan

    Really appreciated, but what about SIMAD students of full studying mode can they join this?

  2. Ahmed Abdirahman Nor

    My Name’s Ahmed Abdirahman Nor I’m one the new Graduate students
    Faculty of Economics
    I work as Account nearly 4yrs
    Using computerized Accounting Packages I would like to Develops my career with in Technology

  3. Abdirizak Ali Said Mohamud

    Simply, it is a journey that i can develop my career.

    Congrats my Self 🙏

  4. Mohamud Ahmed Bile

    I am somali who live in Mogadisho.
    My background is Economics and graduated 2014.

    I am eager to participate this important course.

    I will look response for you.

    Thank you very much

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