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Lynn Watkins

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Bruce Clayton

Management Accounting and Financial Planning specialist
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Prepare for ACCA’s exam ‘Management Accounting (MA)/FMA’, part of the ACCA Diploma in Accounting and Business (RQF Level 4).

About this course

Learn management accounting techniques to help you support businesses to plan, control and monitor performance.

This course will introduce you to different ways of managing finance within an organisation with the aim of enhancing business performance.

It will allow you to develop your knowledge and understanding of how to make financing and investment decisions and help you to understand:

  • how organisations finance their operations
  • how to plan and control cash flows
  • how to make the best use of working capital
  • the principles of making capital investment decisions.

Completion of this course will also prepare you for the ACCA exam ‘Management Accounting (MA)/FMA’, one of three exams required to achieve the ACCA Diploma in Accounting and Business (RQF Level 4).

To check the availability of this course in your country, please click here.

This course does not offer an edX certificate.

Those learners who would like to earn an award will have the opportunity to register with ACCA as a student, take computer-based exams and gain the ACCA Diploma in Accounting and Business.

You can find your nearest ACCA exam center on the ACCA website.

What you will learn

  • The nature, source, and purpose of management information
  • Cost accounting techniques
  • Budgets for planning and control
  • Comparisons and analysis of variances
  • Performance measurement and monitoring of business performance.

Weekly live tutor sessions

These will take place at the following times. If you miss a session you can always catch up by watching a recording.

  • Week 1: Thursday at 10:30am (UTC)
  • Week 2 to Week 9: Thursday at 10am (UTC)
  • Week 10: Thursday 10:30am (UTC)

Entry requirements

Take this course if you’re just starting out in finance, or if you work in finance but do not yet have a professional qualification.

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