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Ever dream of changing the world or making a difference? You are invited to roll up your sleeves and join a group of entrepreneurs on a journey to change lives by changing systems. In this 5-module introductory course, we’ll cover what social entrepreneurship is and why it’s so exciting. Designed for anyone approaching social entrepreneurship for the first time, this interactive learning experience will give you an overview of the sector. You’ll begin to identify a problem you care about, understand the considerations needed for impact and financial sustainability, and learn about how various entrepreneurs have thought about scale.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Understand the concept of social entrepreneurship and be inspired to find new ways to tackle the world’s greatest challenges
  • Appreciate that social entrepreneurship is a mindset to tackle problems across different sectors (public, private, non-profit)
  • Discover a pathway for how you can make a change whether this is founding an enterprise, serving on a board, or supporting social entrepreneurs in other creative ways

This Course Is For You If:

  • You want to figure out ways to get involved in social entrepreneurship
  • You’re looking for ideas to add more meaning to your life and career
  • You have a burning desire to do good in ways that are smart and effective
  • You’re eager to lend your skills and talents to solve social problems


Approximately 4 hours/week at IITE Institute.

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